About Us

Our aim is to offer our customers a total turnkey solution that can include heating, cooling, underfloor heating/radiators and top quality windows.

We can provide our customers with the best heating solutions in terms of thermal comfort and economy through the installation of high performance air to water heat pumps from IVT and other European manufacturers. The air to water heat pumps from IVT is top ranked in independent tests and can deliver up to five times the energy consumed.
Heat pumps, together with surface mounted underfloor heating systems, is the ultimate solution for new built- and renovation of homes, providing outstanding comfort and cost effectiveness.
Home heating using heat pumps is by far the most efficient and environmentally friendly method to achieve a comfortable indoor ambience at affordable cost.
Cooling is also possible and can be done using both the underfloor heating system as well as fan coils.
Great energy savings of up to 70% compared to fossil fuels is possible when IVT air to water heat pumps is used in the Mediterranean Area. When combined with different indoor heating/cooling modules and solar panels they constitute complete comfort systems for heating, hot water and also cooling.
Surface Mounted Underfloor Heating is the best solution resulting in fast, even and efficient heat distribution reducing substantially the heat losses through the concrete slab.
With an air to water heat pump from IVT and surface mounted underfloor heating system from FLOORÈ, an outstanding comfort system is established.
Maintenance free high quality windowa from ORAMA in Sweden saves energy (U-value 1,2 and lower) and stop at least 70% of the sun radiation meaning lower energy consumption for cooling.
We also install pool heat pumps for cost effective heating of pool water when the nature cannot maintain the temperature.
Our Water Processors from Vitalized Water Products gives clean and healthy tap water.