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IVT AirX Air Source Heat Pumps


HK HeatSource Ltd is introducing, in close cooperation with Värmekällan AB, Sävedalen, Sweden  the IVT AirX air source heat pumps. This heat pump was listed as the most efficient air to water heat pump  among a great number of heat pumps from different manufacturers*. 

IVT AirX is a new generation of air to water heat pump, reaching performance levels unmatched by other air to water heat pumps. Effectively, the IVT AirX air to water heat pumps are so effective that the savings generated can be compared with those of ground source heat pumps. These savings comes without having to drill boreholes and with reduced investment costs.

* The test was performed by an independent testing laboratory in Denmark. It shall be noted that the data from the test shall be viewed as correct as of 1 August 2015 and is subject to change, Read More…

Noteably, the IVT AirX air to water heat pump won the award as the Best Sustainable Product or Technology category at the Build It Awards in the UK in September 2015.

Some good reasions to choose IVT AirX Air to Water Heat Pumps


In the the test conducted in Denmark of 190 heat pumps the IVT AirX was in some instances as much as 23-25% more efficient than the nearest heat pump in its class and with a SCOP of up to 4,84, AirX is the most efficient air to water heat pump range in the world.


Low noice levels in the Danish test. IVT AirX was also quiter than any of its rivals which means that it can be placed more easily outside the property and minimise issues with permitted Development Rights.


Comprehensive warranty. The IVT AirX comes with a 10 year warranty on the compressor and 6 years on the heat pump as standard. Our customers can have  have piece of mind


IVT AirX heat pumps are inverter controlled which means the low-power compressor automatically adjusts heat production for your home’s heat demand. When the house needs more heat due to low outdoor temperature the compressor works harder and when the outdoor temperature is high the compressor speed is reduced to a minimum increasing the savings.


Patented defrost for extra savings: the AirX fan is speed controlled so that defrost cycles start as late as possible but without compromising reliability. This means that no energy is wasted trying to defrost when the temperature is more than 5 degrees outside.

IVT AirX – Developed for low external air temperatures

IVT AirX heat pumps provide comfortable and effective heating even when the outside temperature is approaching 20 degrees below zero. In addition to the patented defrost technique mentioned above, the AirX will raise an integrated alarm warning if leaves or other debris gets caught in the drip tray. These features ensure the AirX will continue to work efficiently whatever the weather conditions.

IVT AirX – Smart & simple menu system


The IVT AirX intelligent control system ensures you never need to worry about your heat pump settings. This technology adapts automatically based on the heating requirements of your home. However, if you want to make your own adjustments, the easy-to-use menu system allows you to do just that.

IVT AirX – Saving more, saving space

The AirX can be placed outside the property with just a 40cm gap. This proximity means it is especially important to ensure sound levels are very low. As a result, the AirX uses a world first Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) case which is lightweight, makes the unit easier to install and achieves sound reduction through a shaped chamber. Ultimately, this innovative design has helped ensure the AirX is quieter than all of its rivals.

IVT AirX – Provided by HK HeatSource Ltd

Our knowledge and experience in the field of heat pumps combined with the superior performance of the IVT AirX means you could not choose a better company and product for your project.

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