Company Profile

HK HeatSource Ltd – your provider of cheap and clean energy

HK HeatSource Ltd is a venture company established on the Cypriot market by international investers having established close co-operation with VärmeKällan Väst AB (The Heatsource West AB), a Swedish specialist company with over 25 years of operation on the Swedish market. VärmeKällan Väst AB pioneered the estblishment of the IVTCenter concept in Sweden that today covers the entire Swedish territory. VärmeKällan Väst AB has installed close to 10000 heat pump systems on the demanding Swedish market and is the leading distributor of IVT heat pumps.

HK HeatSource Ltd has, based on the broad knowledge within the organisation of Värmekällan Väst AB, a unique and unchallenged position on the Cypriot market. HK HeatSource Ltd is receiving technical assistance, engineering support and training programmes through the co-operation with Värmekällan Väst AB.

HK HeatSource Ltd has a clear objective of providing the Cypriot market with outstanding and environmentally friendly products among which the air to water heat pumps from IVT is at the centre. This objective is being achieved in co-operation with a number of local installers who are all trained and certified to install and maintain systems supplied by HK HeatSource Ltd.

HK HeatSource Ltd has a strong committment to the customers and our vision is always to keep abreast with the technological development of heat pumps in order to offer the best systems available on the market