How does a pool heat pump work ?

Technically speaking, there is only one choice The best!


Strict performance criterias have been used by HK HeatSource Ltd when setting the guidelines for the manuffacturing of the pool heat pumps. Our heat pumps offer an outstanding energy efficient way of heating swimming pool water even during the coldest periods when the outside temperature is insufficient to keep the pool water at comfortable levels. The pool heat pumps have been specified and designed to ensure affordable prices still using the best available material on the market including high quality compressors HK HeatSource Ltd aspires to live up to our motto “Excellence creates value”. We provide excellent products, installations and service for all our customers.

How does pool heat pump works?

“Air source” Heat Pumps utilize the sun’s free heat by collecting and absorbing energy from the outside air. This energy is then compressed and transferred to the pool water.

The existing pool pump circulates the water through the heat exchanger and warms the pool. The FAN circulates air through the outer EVAPORATER AIR COIL that acts as a heat collector. The liquid refrigerant in the air coil absorbs the available heat in the ambient air transforming into a gas. The refrigerant gas is then pumped into the COMPRESSOR. When this warmed gas is compressed, it intensfies or concentrates theheat like a magnifying glass in the sun. This intensely hot gas is then pumped into the HEAT EXCHANGER CONDENSOR where the actual transfer takes place.

As the pool water passes through the heat exchanger, the hot gas gives up its heat to the cooler pool water. The refrgerant returns to liquid state and is pumped through the EXPANSION VALVE then into the evaporator or coil to start the process all over again.

Economy and Savings

Use of high quality pool heat pumps is the most economical way to heat the pool water. Below is a cost comparison between a pool heat pump and oil with heat exchanger. Ambient temperature +24°C, Water temperature +27°C.


Pool volume 70m3

Energy required to increase water temperature 1°C of 1 ton of water = 1,16kWh

COP oil = 0,,75

COP Heat pump = 5,0

Heat pump size 21,5kW

Heat loss 4°C/24hours

Energy required per 24 hours = 325kWh


Cost Heat Pump Cost oil
15,1 * 4,4 * 0,18 = 11,96 Euros 325/10 * 1/0,75 *0,95 = 41,17 Euros
15,1 = Heat pump running time 325/10 = Litres of oil at COP 1,0
4,4 = kW consumption/hour COP = 0,75
0,18 = Euro/kWh 0,95 = cost per litre of oil


The pool heat pump has a guarantee period of TWO (2) years and the guarantee is valid for all manufactured parts. The TWO year guarantee for the heat exchanger is valid provided that no stones sand or other major particles are allowed to enter the heat exchanger.

The guarantee is only valid for manufacturing defects and do not cover mishandling of the system by the buyer or by him hired third party nor damages caused by problems in the electrical network or extreme weather conditions including lightning, storms and flooding.

One year free maintenance is included should the fault be related to malfunctioning manufactured parts.