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Orama-9okt-122-20cmThe ORAMA windows are manufactured on the west coast of Sweden in the town of Lysekil

Forty years of experience bodes well for knowledge and quality

At ORAMA, all customers are equally important whether private persons, construction companies or developers. Because of the high quality of our windows our market share on the Scandinavian market has increased and the recognition of the company has strengthened.

The energy efficient windows manufactured by ORAMA have a U-value of 1,0 for the entire window including the frame (3-glasses) and 1,2 for windows with two glasses. This saves a great deal of energy when heating and cooling.

The environment has always been in focus and ORAMA only use material that is completely reusable. The material used is aluminium/fiberglass-reinforced polyester resulting in entirely maintenance free windows. Hence, the ORAMA windows offer a very long and troublefree period of use.

The ORAMA windows are highly appreciated because of their resistance against wear and tear in harsh climates where demanding weather and wind test the durability of the windows.

The ORAMA windows are also suitable in wet rooms like bath- and laundry rooms as the risk for rust and decay is eliminated.

The ORAMA window programme is complete with fixed frames and window doors in a great number of combinations. All products are made according to our customers’ special needs and we also use coated glass for sun protection and reduced radiation. Great savings when cooling is needed!

With ORAMA products there are many possibilities – contact our representative in Cyprus, VikingTherm Ltd in order to get more information.

A window with the same resilience as a ship’s hull

NO NEED FOR MAINTENANCEOrama-13sep-139_27cm

 The ORAMA window is manufactured in accordance with the window system ALUCOMP

3001, which means the use of a combination of reinforced fiberglass polyester (composite) and aluminium  – two well known and tested materials.


The ORAMA window comes with H-window fittings from Spilka Industries in Norway, The genius glide hung construction represents high quality and offers great advantages for instance when cleaning of the outside frame and glass. The window is simply turned round allowing cleaning from inside. The windows comes with espagnolets with twist pistons on both sides to ensure tight closing against the moulding.


 The ORAMA window can easily be made with unusal measurements. It can also be produced with mullions between the glasses or , as an alternative, on the outside. The glass can be divided by introducing a divider anywhere in the frame.


 The ORAMA windows means, besides substantial reduction of energy costs, an improved indoor ambience.


 The ORAMA product portfolio makes up a complete window- and door programme. The product programme, includes not only openable windows but also windows with fixed frames and doors with glass in a great number of combinations. A window can, for instance consist of a fixed part and an openable part within the same frame horizontally or vertically and be combined with a ventilation slot.

The ORAMA product protfolio offers many options and great flexibility – contact our distributor VikingTherm Ltd for further information.


Superisolerade glass (2 o3) = Glass with high insulation value

Glasfiberarnerad polyester invändigt = Reinforced glassfiber polyester (inside)

Isolerande cellplast = Insulation of cellular plastic

Spår för smyginklädnad som standard = Groves for lists

Brännlackerad aluminium utvändigt = Heat laquered aluminium frames on the outside


Fast fönster = Fixed windows
Vridfönster = Turning windows
Altandörrar/Fönsterdörrar = Veranda doors/Glass doors
Kundens önskemål = Customer design

In the long run it pays off to choose ORAMA

  • Maintenance free inside and outside
  • Durable and resistant
  • Long life span
  • 100% Reusable
  • Substantial energy savings
  • Stable
  • Turn around – easy to clean from inside